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It all started one day back when Amber was working in college, she noticed a girl wearing a t-shirt from one of her local high schools. Amber started up the conversation explaining that she was from nearby and the girl, who happened to be Zach’s sister, asked Amber if she knew her older brother. Amber wasn’t sure and was shown a picture of Zach. Amber blurted out Wow he’s so hot! Zach’s sister made sure to pass the message on to her brother that some girl liked him.

Amber ended up going to her new friends house that weekend and finally met Zach in the middle of his driveway. Shortly after that evening they planned their first date with each other. Amber had butterflies while Zach kept her laughing. That first date was a good indication of how their future would unfold. It was only a little while after the first date when Amber knew Zach was the one. She asked Zach if he believed in love at first sight to make sure she wasn’t crazy. He quickly replied with a yes and turned the question around on Amber. She knew he was the one from the first moment they crossed into each other lives.

It was a Friday morning when Amber asked Zach if she could come over and help him out on the farm. He said no (which never really happens,) he said he had to fix a roof and we could get lunch in a couple of hours. Hours pass and Zach finally calls Amber to come over. Amber makes it out to the farm, noticing a path of saw dust-leading Amber to Zach. There he sat on a bale with another one across from him for her to sit on. Zach starts talking about how he asked her parents for their blessing and Amber begins to tear up. Zach got down on one knee and asked Amber to be his wife.

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Their June wedding will be here before we know it and I can not wait!

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  • Teresa M. Hoffman

    Gorgeous pictures! Your Love shines through! Can’t wait for your big day , your new life together as husband and wife! 😉ReplyCancel